Chekhov Mobile

Chekhov is an iOS application that allows employees to view and fill-out paperless safety checklists on site in order to perform mandatory daily safety inspections and submit them directly to their supervisors.

Impact Solutions

Impact Solutions is an application that manages wearable health tracking devices. The intended use case is to better care for elderly patients in assisted living facilities. If a patient falls, the wristband device’s sensors are triggered and will alert staff via the app unless the patient manually disables it as a false alarm within a specified time…

Interview Check-In Kiosk

This interview check-in kiosk is a tablet mobile application to manage a large quantity of interviews during a corporate merging transition by allowing candidates to check-in via tablet kiosk.* *company name and logo have been omitted to protect privacy

K-Town Apartments

K-Town Apartments is a web-based application that allows users to search for apartments in the Knoxville area. Unlike its competition, K-Town has several unique features that are designed to put its user’s needs first. I was responsible for the design of both the iOS app and website. GO TO WEBSITE→ GO TO APP PAGE→ Marketing…

Menu Magic

Menu Magic is a mobile application that allows users to search for restaurants based on ingredients they want or are trying to avoid. They can then rate and share their experiences with friends and other users.


Send-a-Duck is a web-based greeting service that allows customers to send rubber ducks in the mail to their friends and family. This is a redesign of the mobile version of the site to improve usability while sticking with brand colors.


Audiohand is an iOS application that automatically improves the quality of audio that it records. It can blend recordings from two or more devices to filter out impurities and generate a single multi-layered track that sounds nearly like a studio recording. It can also improve the quality of recordings from only one device, and its greatest strength…